A Bundle of additional Earpieces for use with our products.



How it works?

The Earpieces are completely invisible magnetic earbuds that fit in your ear and are completely hidden & unnoticable. The Magnetic Invisible Earpiece requires No Battery! — they are passive recievers that reproduce the Voice & Audio which you can then hear in your ears, they also receive power through the Neck-Loop, so no extra batteries are needed. Our Earpieces are very small, compact and descreet, while communicating they cannot be heard by anyone else but yourself even if they are right next to you. The SX PRO comes with a variety of the Earpieces already included which can be used for any situation that you may encounter. You will receive our Quality Premium, Standard & Micro Wireless Earpieces giving you the best Wireless & Hidden Listening experience. The Earpieces are maintenance-free and can even be washed under water.